2021 06 11 // Naujienos iš Turkijos

Dear Lithuanian Medical Tennis Society Team,

Greetings from. 29C sunny Antalya.
As Turkish Medical Tennis Society, we would like to inform you that , all preparations are excitedly ready and we are getting day by day reservations and bookings.
Our 2 Event hotels have STOP SALE (Fully Booked) at the Tournament dates BUT, Turkish Medical Tennis Society already pre-booked and paid 100 rooms from each hotel  already last year.
When you book through Turkish Medical Tennis Society , you will get. :
  1. Ultra Inclusive Event Hotels(Already reserved rooms)
  2. Free Airport Transfers
  3. Free Tennis Shuttles everyday
To get the Seaview rooms, limited rooms please contact as soon as possible.
As an Organizer we have also Charter (Direct) Flights as well from Lithuania. Please contact for limited tickets.
Please. Fill the forms and mail to us, we are ready to answer all of your requests.
Please Read the Covid 19 Save Certification System at the hotels and event.(All hotels are testing every week from Health Ministery from 145 issues, and all Tourism Staff are vaccined.)
PS: We have more than 50 Lithuanian reservations and 21 Latvian reservations and also some other countries.
Also some new countries as well 🙂 Surprise
Kind regards

General Manager